Assassin’s Creed

This article is written to please and to show my gratitude to my loyal reader which wants to remain anonymous. I wish to thank him for following and enjoying my writings.

This article is about a hero that has nothing to do with the Marvel or DC world. This one was developed by Ubisoft, a video game company and the only place where this hero appears is in the video game called Assassin’s Creed.

The story of our hero takes place in 2012 in USA. Desmond Miles is a bartender that descends from a family of assassins and who was raised to be an assassin, but abandons his family to live a normal life. He is kidnapped by a megacorporation called Abstergo Industries, the contemporary face of the Templar Knights Order who are aware of Desmond’s family. Using a high tech machine called Animus, Warren Vidic, a templar scientist, is accessing the memories of Desmond’s ancestors throgh his DNA in order to find an old and powerful artifact called the Piece of Eden. This is how we meet the protagonist of the first game, Altair Ibn-La’Ahad, a syrian assassin from the Second Crusade who was fighting for the liberation of the Holly Land from the crusaders. Answering to Rashid ad-Din Sinan, also known as Al Mualim(Mentor), Altair was a high rank assassin until he broke the three rules of the assassins in one day. The three rules of the creed were: Stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent, hide in plain sight and never compromise the Brotherhood. Because Altair’s actions led to the discovery of Masyaf castle, the assassin’s headquarters, the castle was sieged by Robert de Sable, the leader of the templars. The attack was stopped thanks to Altair’s leadership and skills, but he was downgraded by Al Mualim.

In order to regain respect and admiration, Altair has to assassin several important members of the Templar Order and manages to obtain the Piece of Eden, a globe which was representing an apple that had great powers. Al Mualim receives the apple and after Altair gets back his rank among the assassins, the mentor reveals that he was also working with the templars and this was the only way that balance and peace could be brought into the world. Attempting to kill Altair, the syrian hero kills Al Mualim and becomes the possessor of the apple. 

The first game ends with Altair holding the apple but the story is far from over. The next episode from the story that depicts the conflict between the assassins and the templars will be revealed soon. Until then, once again, thanks to my loyal reader!



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