The Man of Steel

I’ve postponed this article for too long now but since this hero is one of the most important ones in the DC universe and because this hero is special and unique i have to go ahead and write it,

Superman, or the Man of Steel, is with Batman, the most important superhero of DC. He is one of the most powerful beings in Earth, but he is not completely human. Superman comes from a dying planet called Krypton. His original name was Kal-El. His father, Jor-El, sends him in a shuttle away from Krypton in order to save him and this is how he reaches the Earth. There, he is raised by adoptive parents who give him a proper raise and call him Clark Kent. Later on, Clark is working for Daily Planet, a newspaper, in the city of Metropolis.

Superman’s powers are supernatural, hence his name. He can fly and move at high speeds, shoot laser from his eyes, lift and bend incredible heavy things such as ships or airplanes and his body is bulletproof. Superman uses his powers to save the people of Metropolis but he has two weaknesses: the Kryptonite, fragments from his original planet, and Lois Lane, his co-worker from Daily Planet for which he has deep feelings. Superman’s biggest foe is Lex Luthor, a rich businessman who is trying to dominate the world; he is the one to use the Kryptonite against the hero.

Superman is a different hero because unlike the others, who are ordinary men that obtain super powers, he is born with those super powers, Clark Kent actually being his secret identity and Superman his real identity. Of course no one knows about their connection. 

This hero was depicted in movies as well, the first and probably the best performance was made by Christopher Reeve. Brandon Routh was the second Superman in Superman Returns. The next hero will be Henry Cavill in The Man of Steel which is announced for 2013.


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