The Spirit

The Spirit is a DC comic book written by Will Eisner in te 1940s. The spirit is a masked vigilante who protects his city from criminals and villains under the blessing of the city’s police commissioner.

Denny Colt was a police officer that died while doing his duty. His corpse was used by his worst enemy, The Octopus, for his experiments in order to create a super human. The experiment proves to be a failure and Denny is buried as he should, only to resurrect. When he came back to life he was a different man, much more powerful and agile. He chose to adopt the identity of The Spirit and fight crime and get his revenge of Octopus. He is working along with the police against criminals and he is admired by them. The only person that knows his identity is the police commissioner Dolan. Moreover, Spirit has a crush on his daughter, Ellen, who is a forensic detective and a good doctor. Dolan does not approve with this but can’t really has a saying in the matter since the former Denny used to have a relationship with Ellen. Ellen does not know that Spirit is Denny though. Another important character is Sand Saref, Spirit’s old love from his childhood, that leaves the city angry and frustrated when her father, a policeman, is killed while doing his duty. Stating that she hates cops, she flees the city in order to become rich and successful. She becomes a villain that marries rich men only to take their money after she kills them. She is drawn back to her hometown only to obtain a precious and very valuable artifact.

The Spirit’s superpowers consists in great physical strength and the ability to heal or resurrect. Same powers are owned by his nemesis, the Octopus, and this is why their fight lasts sometimes forever, until one of them gets tired and walks away. Furthermore, Spirit has a great sex appeal and is desired by every woman in the city and viceversa.

The movie came out in 2008 and it was directed by Frank Miller. Starring Gabriel Macht as The Spirit, the movie features other well known actors as well such as Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L Jackson as the Octopus.






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