The X-Men

Like DC, Marvel also has a comic book in which they present a team of superheroes, but the only different thing is that these are not called superheroes, they are called mutants instead. The team I’m talking about is the X-Men, a team of mutants brought together in order to save humanity from the evil mutants.

Professor Charles Xavier, also known as Professor X, is a mutant with telepathy powers, very skilled and decided to bring normal people together with mutants. He has a school where he trains young mutants in controlling their power and using it to do good. The X-Men consists in very powerful mutants that have different motivations and powers. Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, is the leader of the field team and his power is shooting a powerful red laser that can be very destructive. The second in the team is his wife, Jean Grey, whose powers are also telepathy and are even greater than the one Xavier has, but hers is much more difficult to control. Moreover, Wolverine or Logan, is a temperamental and violent mutant that can regenerate and heal instantly (I presented him in a previous article). Also Anne Marie or Rogue, is a young mutant girl that through physical contact can copy the powers of others and can even kill people if the contact takes longer. She can also copy the personality, memories and feelings of those she touches. Hank McCOy is one of the founding members of this team; his power and also his appearance are similar to a beast; his fur is blue and has great agility and physical power. I almost forgot about Ororo Munroe, aka Storm; Storm’s powers are manipulating the weather and the phenomenon of nature such as rain and lightning. These are some of the members of X-Men and i can’t just mention all of them since the entire school of Xavier are members of the X-Men even though most of them do not fight. There are also mutants such as Shadowcat, Pyro, Nightcrawler or Iceman.

The X-Men’s archenemy is Erik Lensherr also known as Magneto. He used to be Professor’s X friend and ally but he turns against him eventually. Also, the Sentinels represent a huge threat because their only purpose is to destroy every living mutant. The Sentinels are huge robots, very difficult to destroy. The most dangerous of all is Nimrod, that cannot be destroyed. There is also Sinister that is trying to take over the world and probably most dangerous of all is Apocalypse, an ancient being that is immortal and looks to purify and dominate the world. The team also has different allies such as Bishop or Cable and sometimes even Magneto.

The X-Men are very well known because like Spiderman, they appear in comic books, video games, movies and cartoons. There are several movies which present different stages in the life of mutants and their struggle against the evil ones. There are three parts that show the X-Men team fighting and two parts that show the origins of the team such as X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men First Class.


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