The Watchmen is an old comic book published under DC. This comic book presents a team of superheroes in a different world, almost the same as our world. Their time is in the 1980s. These superheroes have impact on the events from the real world such as the war in Vietnam. The team consists in Doctor Manhattan, The Comedian, Rorschach, Silk Spectre, Ozymandias and Nite Owl

The only member that has superpowers is Dr. Manhattan who can manipulate matter. The rest of them are normal beings in suits with good fighting skills. Watchmen are not a very popular team of superheroes. There are few publications of this comic book and only one movie created in 2009. The enemies of the Watchmen are the criminals of their city and also the Soviet Union but this is mainly USAs and Manhattan’s enemy. In the movie, the team is broken, every member has follow a normal path except for Rorschach who is still fighting crime and trying to solve the mystery when the Comedian is killed. Ozymandias becomes a billionaire that is working with Manhattan trying to protect USA from a possible nuclear attack. Secretly, Ozymandias is using the power of Dr. Manhattan to destroy humanity in order to stop the wars. In the end, Manhattan stops Ozymandias but he also kills Rorschach when he is trying to expose them. Even though Manhattan comes as the same conclusion as his comrade, the billionaire, he choses to leave the Earth in order to find another world which is much peaceful.

Unlike other DC heroes, Watchmen was made by Legendary Pictures. The movie came up on the screen in 2009 but it didn’t have much success. The movie presents the heroes from the comic book and some of them are played by well known actors such as Carla Gugino, Patrick Wilson and Jackie Earle Haley.






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