The Prince of Persia

The Prince of Persia is a different type of hero. Like the assassins from Assassin’s Creed, this one was developed by Ubisoft and it appears only in three video games: The Sands of time, Warrior Within and The Two Thrones. Since the story of this character is quite long, i will brief it in one article.

The Sands of Time:

Our character is the son of the ruler of the Persian Empire. The king and his son travel to India to defeat and take over the treasures of the Maharajah. The Maharajah is betrayed by his most trusted Vizier and the Persians are victorious. During the battle, the Prince,full of pride and with the desire of having glory, sneaks into the Maharaja’s vault and steals a mysterious dagger. In exchange for his help, the Vizier demands that the Maharaja’s most valuable treasure, an hourglass containing glowing sands, also known as the Sands of Time, should be given to him as well as the dagger, but the Persian emperor refuses, saying that this would be a wonderful gift for his friend, the ruler of Azad. Along with other treasures, the Persians also take as a prisoner the Maharajah’s daughter, Farah. Sharaman, the emperor of Persia travels to Azad to meet his friend, joined by the Vizier. The Persians have a wonderful welcome and when the Sands are being presented to the king, the Vizier tricks the Prince into opening the Hourglass with the dagger. The outcome is catastrophic: the Sands of Time are released and are destroying everything in their way, corrupting the ones that were having contact with it. Because of the dagger, the Prince stays uncorrupted; same thing happens to Farah since she had a magical amulet and the Vizier using his sorcery manages to remain untouched by the sands.

The Prince is forced to face a new army of sand creatures and is also forced to kill his corrupted father. He joins Farah into finding and stoping the traitorous Vizier who seeks to control the power of the Sands. After a struggle within the palace of Azad,in which the Prince learns how to be patient and how to be more wise and also develops feelings for the Maharajah’s daughter, the Prince and Farah reach the tower where the Vizier was holding the Hourglass. During the fight with the Vizier, Farah is killed. The Vizier promises the Prince eternal life and power in return of the Dagger of Time, but the Prince refuses, reaches the Hourglass and seals back the Sands, rewinding the time before the invasion of the Maharajah’s kingdom. Waking up in his camp, with one night before the Persian invasion, the Prince sneaks out of his camp and reaches Farah’s chambers. Still holding the dagger, the Prince gives Farah back the Dagger of Time and tells her the story of the Sands, revealing the Vizier as a traitor. The Vizier shows up again and attempts to kill the Prince but he is defeated once more. Farah gives the Prince her amulet as a thanks but she is unaware of who is he since the previous event never happened because of the time rewinding. The Prince leaves convincing his father not to attack the Maharajah.

Warrior Within:

The events from Warrior Within happen 8 years after the events from the Sands of Time. The Prince is haunted by a terrible beast called the Dahaka. Managing to escape him several times, the Prince goes to ask for advice from his old mentor. The old man tells him that the Dahaka is the incarnation of fate. Whosoever opens the Sands of Time must die and because the Prince escaped death, the Dahaka was haunting him in order to kill him. The Prince travels to the Island of Time, the birthplace of the Sands where he intends to stop the creation of the Sands. On his way there, at sea, he is attacked by a ship that was coming from the island. The battle proves to be a disaster: his ship destroyed and his crew killed by strange warriors that were led by Shahdee. Her orders were to keep the Prince off the island. Fortunately, the hero reaches the island and pursues Shahdee in order to get vengeance. He chases her through the ruins of an old fortress and reaches a portal that sends both of them back in time, in a time where the fortress was at its best. After further chasing, the Prince reaches a chamber where Shahdee was fighting another woman. The hero helps the other woman and kills Shahdee. The other woman presents herself as Kaileena, a servant of the Empress of Time. The Prince demands an audience with the Empress but Kaileena denies it to him, telling him that she is sealed within the throne room where she is creating the Sands. In order to unseal the chamber, the hero has to face the dangers of two towers which can unseal the throne room. The Dahaka finds the Prince on the Island and chases him still but only when the Prince travels back to the present. The Dahaka coult not follow him through the portals because the portals were protected by waterfalls and the Dahaka could not pass through water. Through the towers, the prince faces dangerous creatures and also encounters several times a creature that was not attacking him, only watching him. The hero unseals the  room and once he walks in, he finds out that Kaileena herself was the Empress. Kaileena tells the Prince that she saw within the Timeline that she will be killed by the Prince and like him, she would not accept her fate. The Prince kills the Empress and right after that, the Sands are born from within the Empress. Going back to the present, the Dahaka finds the hero once again. The Prince realizes that by killing Kaileena, he created the Sands.

The Prince is ready to accept his fate, until he reads a message on a mural in the catacombs of the Fortress of Time. The writings on the mural were made by the Maharajah who like the Prince, managed to escape his own fate by using the Mask of the Wraith. Once he reaches the caves where the Mask was held, the Prince puts on the Mask and becomes the Sand Wraith, the same creature that the Prince saw earlier within the fortress. The Mask was an object that was offering its wearer the power to cheat fate. Moving through time again, the Wraith encounters the Dahaka and himself as the Prince and allows Dahaka to kill the Prince. In this way, the Prince as the Wraith took the Prince’s place in the Timeline and he could remove the mask. Once again, the Prince walks into the throne room where he meets the Empress. The Prince tricks her into following him through a portal to the present. Telling her that now there are no Sands because she did not die in the past, they are both free but he was wrong. Now, the Empress was alive and the Dahaka comes to kill her instead. Being in the possession of the Water Sword, the Prince fights Dahaka and after a difficult battle, the Prince destroys the Dahaka. Together, the Prince and Kaileena travel back to Babylon.

The Two Thrones:

Right after the struggle on the Island of Time and the fight with the Dahaka, the Prince and  Kaileena reach the city of Babylon which was under siege. Kaileena is captured by the rival forces and the Prince fights his way through Babylon to get her back. Once he reaches a tower of the palace, there he meets the evil Vizier once more. The Vizier tells the Prince about his journey with the Maharajah to the Island of Time, where they found ruins, and empty hourglass and a mysterious dagger. The Vizier saw the opportunity of gaining power and as the dagger “told” him, he traveled to Babylon, knowing that the Empress will be there. The Vizier kills Kaileena and takes her power, becoming the controller of the Sands of Time. While the Sands were released, the Vizier’s generals and also the Prince were infected by the Sands. The Sands changed the Prince by waking up within him another self that was fed by all of his weaknesses. In moments of struggle, the Prince would become the Dark Prince which had great power and was very lethal with his Daggertail. The great weakness of the Dark Prince was that he had to feed on Sands of Time constantly otherwise they would both die. Moreover, the Prince would become himself again once he would touch water.

The Prince fights his way through Babylon in order to get back to the Vizier and kill him. On his way, he meets Farah once more and they become allies. Together, they fight the Vizier’s lieutenants and free the people of Babylon. They reach the castle where Farah is taken a prisoner by the Vizier who was now a god. The Prince is thrown away into the dungeons of the castle where he finds his father dead. Angry and frustrated, the Prince manages to hold his evil self, the Dark Prince, without water and he goes back to destroy the evil god and free Farah. On the top tower of the castle, the Prince defeats the Vizier and by doing so, his entire army is vanished. Kaileena appears to the Prince in a different form setting him free and destroying the dagger.

The Prince of Persia is a very good vide game, very interactive. Although there are no comic books or cartoons with this hero, the Prince appears in the movie Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time in 2012 starring Jake Gyllenhaal. The movie also consists in Ben Kingsley, Alfred Molina and Gemma Arterton.






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