The Dark Knight Rises

The final movie of Christopher Nolan‘s Batman will conclude the legend of Batman as Christian Bale. The Dark Knight Rises is scheduled for 20th of June 2012.

Little is known about the plot since the movie is not in theaters yet but we can figure out some main points and the characters were presented in interviews and trailers. The story takes place 8 years after the events from the previous movie, The Dark Knight. Bruce Wayne, the billionaire, returns to Gotham City after a long absence and he is now retired from his vigilante life. During a party which is held at the Wayne Manor, Bruce is approached by a lady called Selina Kyle which tells him that the time of peace which Gotham is enjoying will soon come to an end. Then she walks away leaving Bruce confused.

Moreover, in the trailer the main villain is revealed to be Bane, a ferocious man that has both physical and intellectual skills. Bane is starting to terrorize Gotham by attacking the rich people, Bruce being one of them, and by releasing the prisoners from Blackgate Penitentiary. When asked who he is, Bane answers as “Gotham’s Reckoning”. Bruce asks Lucius Fox, the chairman from Wayne Enterprises to provide him the equipment he provided before as Gotham was now in need of a hero. In the previous movies we can see the Thumbler and the Batpod, but now a new machine is introduced but its name is still unknown. Another villain but according to the last trailer a possible ally, Catwoman also appears in this movie. The scenes presented in the trailers are absolutely amazing: we get to see new machines that Batman owns, a convoy of Thumblers and amazing fight scenes between the inmates and the men of law.

It is rumored that a young version of Ra’s al Ghul will appear in the movie and also that his daughter, Talia will be there as well but under the name of Miranda Tate. Miranda is not a DC character though; she was created especially for this movie. The actors from the older movies are still the same: Michael Cane, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman. But new actors also star in it since new characters take shape: Tom Hardy as Bane, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate. The shooting takes place mainly in Pittsburgh but in New York as well.

Nolan stated that this will be the last movie of this legend and he sees no point in shooting any sequel since it will destroy his idea of Batman. When asked if Robin will ever appear, Nolan’s answer was no, since he is depicting Batman at a young stage and Robin is a character that appears when Batman is older.



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Iron Man II

The Iron Man II is the second movie of the Iron Man franchise directed by Jon Favreau. The story of the second movie takes place 6 months later than the events from the first one but with a small prologue that depicts an old man from Russia dying. He calls for his son, Ivan, and tells him that he should be in the place of Tony Stark right now, then he dies.

After six months, we see Iron Man showing up and the Stark Expo, an exhibition with the purpose of presenting inventions from all around the world. The next day, Tony Stark has to go to a hearing where the American Congress was trying to take away his Iron Man suits, but without being successful. Tony makes a fool out of the congressmen and out of Justin Hammer, his competitor, who was trying to prove that Iron Man is a dangerous weapon.

Later on, Tony makes a dramatic discovery: not only that the device which was based on the element palladium was keeping him alive, but it was also killing him slowly. He starts looking for a new CEO for Stark Industries and takes the decision that Pepper Potts, his most trusted assistant should be it. As her replacement, Tony hires Natalie Rushman, a young lady from Legal, to be his assistant even though Pepper does not agree with her. Tony and Pepper travel to Monte Carlo for the Grand Prix race; Justin Hammer was also there. Tony makes an unexpected move and becomes the pilot for the team he was sponsoring impressing and also scaring his friends. During the race, a stranger dressed up like a mechanic walks on the track, pulls out two lashes out of his sleeves that were electrifying and blowing up everything that came in contact with them. The stranger proves to be the Russian Ivan, who was destroying the race cars trying to reach Tony. Eventually, Ivan breaks Tony’s car and attempts to kill him. Tony tries to fight him but it seems that Ivan was using the same technology for his lashes that Tony was using for the Iron Man. He is saved just in time by Pepper and their driver Happy who bring him his latest suit, the suitcase Iron Man suit. Tony puts on his suit and defeats Ivan but not easily, destroying his device. The Russian is arrested and Tony leaves back for the US.

Justin Hammer notices Ivan and his device and breaks him out of jail, offering a job: to create the same technology for his military suits; Ivan accepts. As the toxicity was spreading in his blood, Tony starts making all kind of reckless things, thinking that his life was ending. He makes a huge scene at his birthday at his mansion which makes his best friend, James Rhodes, take another Iron Man suit and fight him in order to calm him down. The two almost destroy the entire mansion during their fight. Rhodes leaves with the suit he took, and takes it to the army. The next day, Tony, dressed up as Iron Man is approached by a man who called himself Nick Fury, the director of SHIELD organization. Fury reveals to Tony that Natalie was actually an agent of SHIELD infiltrated in his company and her real name was Natasha Romanoff. He also tells him that he needs to come up with a new element for his heart in order to bring Iron Man back to his job. Tony inform Fury that he tried all the elements and that none of them can replace the palladium.  Nick brings to Tony’s house some belongings of his father and tells him that the device that’s keeping him alive is based on unfinished technology. He also tells him that Ivan’s father had the same technology because his father worked with Tony’s father but was deported when he was thinking of selling the technology.

Based in his father’s notes and research, Tony manages to create a new element by building a particle accelerator. The result proves to be a success and the new element was much efficient than the palladium. Later that day, Justin Hammer was making a presentation at the Stark Expo using the drones Ivan build for him and the new upgraded Iron Man suit that Rhodes took, now with the name of War Machine. Iron Man makes an appearance at the exhibition and tells Rhodes that he believes that Ivan is working for Hammer. The next moment, Ivan activates the drones from his hideout and order them to kill Tony; War Machine was controlled by Ivan as well so Rhodes in his suit attacks Tony. It takes the skills of Natasha o hack into Ivan’s program and disables Ivan’s control over War Machine. The two unite forces and start killing the remaining drones. At the expo, Ivan makes an appearance in a high tech suit with the same lashes from Monte Carlo. The two have great difficulties in fighting him but eventually they manage to kill him.

Viewed as heroes, Tony and Rhodes are awarded medals for their deeds. Fury encounters Tony again and tells him about the Avengers Initiative and that he won’t be part of it. The second Iron Man movie includes the same actors as the ones from the first one but new ones as well such as Mickey Rourke as the villain, Scarlett Johansson as agent Romanoff and Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury.

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Assassin’s Creed II

As you remember, the final episode of the Assassin’s Creed leaves Desmond Miles, the kidnaped bartender in the hands of the Abstergo Industries. In the beginning of this episode, Desmond escapes the Abstergo headquarters with the help of Lucy Stillman, an assassin scientist that was working undercover at Abstergo. Together, they reach a safe house of the Assassins Order where along with other assassins, they continue the research that started at Abstergo.

Desmond enters a new Animus machine, much better than the one the Templars own. This time, the ancestor’s memories that Desmond enters do not belong to Altair, the syrian assassin from the Middle Ages, but to Ezio Auditore, a young italian boy from Renaissance Italy. Ezio is part of the Auditore family, a family that was well known in Florence for being bankers and close friends with Lorenzo di Medici, the leader of Florence. Ezio is a 17 year old boy who enjoys his life and often engages in fights with the son of the Pazzi family, Auditore’s rival family, Vieri.  The memories of Ezio start when the young boy starts a fight with Vieri and defeats him. Because the authorities were coming, Ezio and his older brother flee the scene and go home.

The next day, Ezio receives from his father, Giovanni Auditore, some tasks to fulfill in his name. During these tasks, Ezio meets Leonardo da Vinci, a young scientist, engineer and artist. Ezio learns about a plot made by the Pazzis to kill Lorenzo di Medici. His father tries to expose the Pazzis but he is betrayed and killed by hanging with his other sons except Ezio. The hero is forced to leave Florence and he takes his mother and his sister away to Monteriggioni, where his uncle, Mario Auditore, was living. During his stay in his uncle’s house, Ezio not only finds out that his father was an assassin and that he was part of an old family of assassins, but he also learns and obtains the skills to become an assassin himself. Young and full of anger, Ezio returns to Florence to stop the Pazzi family and to save Lorenzo. Once in Florence, Ezio visits Leonardo who crafts for him the special weapon of the assassins, the hidden blade. Ezio starts his vendetta against the Pazis, eventually killing his old rival, Vieri. Ezio Auditore gets the respect and the support from Lorenzo when he saves him from death after being stabbed by Francesco de Pazzi, the head of the Pazzi family and then captures Francesco.

Later on, Ezio learns that the one who was actually responsible for the death of his father and brothers is actually the leader of the Templars, the Grand Master who’s identity was unknown. Moreover, Mario reveals to his nephew that they also need to find the missing pages of the Codex, a journal written by Altair long time ago. Ezio tracks down and kills other Templars until he finds the Master, who was Rodrigo Borgia, also known as the Spaniard. Borgia was one of the most powerful and most influent men in Europe and also a Cardinal at Vatican. Unfortunately for Ezio, he cannot kill Borgia. His clues and missions lead him to Forli, where he meets the countess of Forli, Caterina Sforza, who proves to be an important ally of the Assassins.

After the friendship between Ezio and Caterina becomes tighter, Ezio finds himself with Leonardo in Venice. Here, Ezio has to face new and much more terrible threats, since the Doge is working for the Templars. But also, in Venice, he makes new allies. During the Carnivale, Ezio infiltrates the Doge’s party and kills his important officers, eventually killing the Doge himself at his palace. One day, Ezio follows a group of important Templars who were meeting Borgia. While listening to their conversation, the young assassin learns that Borgia was expecting an important package that contained an ancient and powerful artifact. Moreover, he learns that Borgia was doing everything within his power to become Pope, which could have made him the most powerful man in Europe.

During an exchange, Ezio obtains the secret artifact which proved to be one of the Apples of Eden, one similar to the one Altair owned. Because of his success, Ezio meets Niccolo Machiavelli, who was also a powerful and influent member of the Assassin Order. Ezio is officially introduced in the Order. After collecting all the missing pages of the Codex, Ezio finds out about his next location, which was the Vatican. Ezio sneaks in the Sisteen Chapel attempting to murder Borgia, who was now the Pope. The fight against Borgia proves to be quite difficult since Borgia had the Papal Staff which was also a piece of Eden. Eventually, Ezio defeats Borgia but does not kill him, telling him that murdering him will not bring his family back. Ezio puts together the staff and the apple and reveals a secret temple under the Vatican, the Vatican Vault. Inside the Vault, Ezio encounters the image of Minerva, which at first seemed to be a goddess. Minerva tells Ezio that her message is not for him, so she will not speak to him, but through him. She starts her message by saying that her civilization was much superior to the civilization of men, and that her kind was the creator of mankind. Furthermore, she says that mankind raised a war against her civilization and because of this war they could not see that the end of both of them was near. The world was destroyed by flames, but together, the two civilizations reconstructed the world as they were build to survive. Minerva   also says that only him can save the world from a new threat and then she mentions the name Desmond, leaving Ezio confused and his question unanswered.

The episode ends with Desmond and the other assassins leaving the safe house because it was compromised. While driving away from the safe house the assassins debate the message they just saw and reach the conclusion that Minerva was referring to the destruction of the world predicted in 2012.

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The Man of Steel

I’ve postponed this article for too long now but since this hero is one of the most important ones in the DC universe and because this hero is special and unique i have to go ahead and write it,

Superman, or the Man of Steel, is with Batman, the most important superhero of DC. He is one of the most powerful beings in Earth, but he is not completely human. Superman comes from a dying planet called Krypton. His original name was Kal-El. His father, Jor-El, sends him in a shuttle away from Krypton in order to save him and this is how he reaches the Earth. There, he is raised by adoptive parents who give him a proper raise and call him Clark Kent. Later on, Clark is working for Daily Planet, a newspaper, in the city of Metropolis.

Superman’s powers are supernatural, hence his name. He can fly and move at high speeds, shoot laser from his eyes, lift and bend incredible heavy things such as ships or airplanes and his body is bulletproof. Superman uses his powers to save the people of Metropolis but he has two weaknesses: the Kryptonite, fragments from his original planet, and Lois Lane, his co-worker from Daily Planet for which he has deep feelings. Superman’s biggest foe is Lex Luthor, a rich businessman who is trying to dominate the world; he is the one to use the Kryptonite against the hero.

Superman is a different hero because unlike the others, who are ordinary men that obtain super powers, he is born with those super powers, Clark Kent actually being his secret identity and Superman his real identity. Of course no one knows about their connection. 

This hero was depicted in movies as well, the first and probably the best performance was made by Christopher Reeve. Brandon Routh was the second Superman in Superman Returns. The next hero will be Henry Cavill in The Man of Steel which is announced for 2013.

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The Joker

The Joker is probably the most famous villain from DC Comics. Joker is super-villain that dresses up as a clown and commits violent crimes and acts of terrorism. He is the biggest adversary of Batman and he terrorizes Gotham even though most of his time he stays locked up in Arkham Asylum.

Joker does not have any super powers, not even physical strength. However, his mad mind can generate evil but genius plans that create great difficulties to Batman. He has a grim sense of humor, since his deranged actions are his amusement and entertainment. His favorite “sport” is “playing” with Batman: Joker enjoys fighting with him; he does not want to reveal his true identity or kill him, he just enjoys Batman’s struggle to defeat him, as the Joker from The Dark Knight states: “We are destined to do this forever!”. The true identity of Joker is unknown; no one knows where he comes from or what’s his purpose. He only has other aliases such as Jack White. In The Dark Knight movie he comes up with different stories about how he became like this, therefore none of them can be considered true since he is a psychopat. He works closely only with Harley Quinn, a doctor from Arkham Asylum who develops feelings for the Joker and for his insane character. She even adopts his dressing style and makes everything within her power to protect Joker from Batman. 

The Joker was depicted in movies as well, once in Tim Burton‘s Batman, played by Jack Nicholson and another time in Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight, played by Heath Ledger. Even though Jack Nicholson’s performance was considered to be outstanding, the audience said that Ledger’s performance was much better and genuine.









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Assassin’s Creed

This article is written to please and to show my gratitude to my loyal reader which wants to remain anonymous. I wish to thank him for following and enjoying my writings.

This article is about a hero that has nothing to do with the Marvel or DC world. This one was developed by Ubisoft, a video game company and the only place where this hero appears is in the video game called Assassin’s Creed.

The story of our hero takes place in 2012 in USA. Desmond Miles is a bartender that descends from a family of assassins and who was raised to be an assassin, but abandons his family to live a normal life. He is kidnapped by a megacorporation called Abstergo Industries, the contemporary face of the Templar Knights Order who are aware of Desmond’s family. Using a high tech machine called Animus, Warren Vidic, a templar scientist, is accessing the memories of Desmond’s ancestors throgh his DNA in order to find an old and powerful artifact called the Piece of Eden. This is how we meet the protagonist of the first game, Altair Ibn-La’Ahad, a syrian assassin from the Second Crusade who was fighting for the liberation of the Holly Land from the crusaders. Answering to Rashid ad-Din Sinan, also known as Al Mualim(Mentor), Altair was a high rank assassin until he broke the three rules of the assassins in one day. The three rules of the creed were: Stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent, hide in plain sight and never compromise the Brotherhood. Because Altair’s actions led to the discovery of Masyaf castle, the assassin’s headquarters, the castle was sieged by Robert de Sable, the leader of the templars. The attack was stopped thanks to Altair’s leadership and skills, but he was downgraded by Al Mualim.

In order to regain respect and admiration, Altair has to assassin several important members of the Templar Order and manages to obtain the Piece of Eden, a globe which was representing an apple that had great powers. Al Mualim receives the apple and after Altair gets back his rank among the assassins, the mentor reveals that he was also working with the templars and this was the only way that balance and peace could be brought into the world. Attempting to kill Altair, the syrian hero kills Al Mualim and becomes the possessor of the apple. 

The first game ends with Altair holding the apple but the story is far from over. The next episode from the story that depicts the conflict between the assassins and the templars will be revealed soon. Until then, once again, thanks to my loyal reader!


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The Avengers

The Avengers is a team that consists in multiple superheroes from the Marvel world. The Avengers was Marvel’s answer to the DC team, Justice League.

The Marvel superhero team consists of Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye and the Black Widow. Their only purpose is to ensure the safety of the world against threats that normal people cannot fight. The first time these banned together was when Thor’s brother Loki manipulated Hulk into attacking a railway to draw Thor and destroy him. These superheroes worked together to release Hulk and capture Loki and so the Avengers was born.

The Avengers was brought in cinemas in May 2012. The actors mentioned in my previous posts were the ones to play the roles of their superheroes. Paramount Pictures made a good job with this movie, breaking records and even gained more than Nolan‘s The Dark Knight.

In the movie, the villain Loki summons the Chitauri army and attacks the Earth. The Avengers assemble under Nick Fury, the director of SHIELD. At first, the heroes do no get along with each other but eventually form a team in the true sense of the word and work together to defeat the alien army. Eventually, the heroes defeat the army and Loki is captured by Thor and taken to Asgard to face the Asgardian’s judgement.

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