Wolverine is a comic book hero that was introduced in the X-Men Comics. He is a mutant with unique powers, a very selfish and mean character but the kind of person that does the right thing eventually.

He was born in 1882 in Canada in a wealthy family. His first name was James Howlett. During his teenage years his genes evolved and he became a mutant with unique powers. What makes him so powerful is that he has regenerating powers which allows him to heal instantly which also makes him immortal. He also has the power to track smells and can pull out sharp claws out of his hands. James wanders the world and fights in most of modern wars such as WWI and WWII. After he is taken a prisoner in Vietnam, he is recruited by an army character called William Striker. This man was initiating a special operations which was gathering special mutants for military reasons. Wolverine leaves the team after he reached the conclusion that he cannot make sense with the goals of this team. He resettles in Canada where after several years his wife is murdered by Sabertooth, his childhood friend who was also a mutant. Victor Creed, aka Sabertooth, who was also working for Striker was trying to make Wolverine come back for Striker`s experiment. after the death of his wife, Wolverine accepts to be the subject of the sergeant`s experiment. This experiment involved an unique metal called Adamantium, which was indestructible. Striker inserts this metal into Wolverine giving him a new set of claws.

Eventually, after going on a vendetta against Creed, Wolverine learns that Striker was behind everything therefore he goes for the sergeant. During the fight with Sabertooth, the facility where Striker was operating is destroyed but before Wolverine can bring down Striker, the sergeant shoots him in the head with Adamantium bullets, causing him a memory loss. Because of the powers, he survives. In the upcoming years, Wolverine wanders the northern regions until he is found by Professor Charles Xavier, who was leading a powerful team of mutants in order to save humanity from the threat of the evil mutants.

Wolverine is played by only one actor in all Wolverine movies, and that is the Australian actor Hugh Jackman. Wolverine makes important appearances in the X-Men trilogy movies and in the X-Men Origins movie as well.

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The Incredible Hulk

Hulk is a Marvel hero. He is a very powerful being that is regarded as a hero but also as a threat. Bruce Banner is a scientist that was working for the army. During an experiment with gamma rays, Bruce saves a little boy that ended up in the middle of the experimentation site but cannot safe himself so he is exposed to gamma radiations. This is how Hulk is born. Because of high exposure to the rays, his DNA is altered and transforms into a huge, green fiend with incredible powers when he gets angry.

Banner is in love with Betty Ross, the daughter of General Thaddeus Ross, the man for which Bruce is working. When Bruce becomes Hulk, he cannot control the beast while he is trapped within his body. The army sees Hulk as a threat and tries to stop and contain him but this only enrages the brute which is destroying everything in his way. The only person that can calm down the beast and turn him back into Banner is Betty. Becoming an outcast, Bruce wanders the Third World hiding from authorities and trying to find a cure for his condition.

Hulk was brought to the big screen in 3 movies but with different actors. The first one was the well known australian actor Eric Bana, followed by Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo in the 2012 Avengers.

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The Dark Knight

This time i will write about the sequel of Batman Begins and that is Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight. The movie was out on the big screen in 2008 and it has almost the same actors as the first one.

The action takes place one year after the events from Batman Begins. The movie starts with a team of thugs breaking into a bank. Their leader is the well known villain, The Joker, who not only kills the rest of the group, but he also steals the money from Gotham‘s most terrible mobsters. Later that day, Batman meets his friend, Lieutenant Jim Gordon, and together they decide that instead of catching the Joker, who they believed is just a small timer, they should focus on bringing the mobsters behind bars. With the help of Gotham’s DA, Harvey Dent, Batman and Gordon charge against the mafia using marked bills but Lau, the chinaman who was managing the mafia’s investment takes the money out of the banks and flies back to Honk Kong, far from Dent’s jurisdiction. During a meeting that the mobsters have, an unexpected guest comes forth: the Joker. The villain asks the mobsters for half of their total amount of money in exchange for killing Batman for them but his offer is rejected by Sal Maroni and the rest of the mobsters.

Bruce Wayne, the billionaire and also Batman himself, meets with Lucius Fox, his top manager and requests a new armor. After receiving his new suit, Batman heads to Honk Kong to bring back Lau. His mission is a success and he delivers Lau into Dent’s and Gordon’s custody. This thing scares and forces the mobsters to accept the Joker’s offer. During a fund raise that Bruce Wayne organized for Dent, the Joker and his group of thugs kill the judge that was supposed to conduct the lawsuit against the mafia and Commissioner Loeb. During Wayne’s party, the Joker attempts to kill Harvey but Batman comes just in time to hide Dent and also save Rachel Dawes, Bruce’s old friend who was dating Harvey. The Joker manages to escape and he sends the message to the city that he won’t stop killing people until Batman reveals his true identity and gives himself in. During a parade in the honor of Loeb, the Joker attempts to kill Mayor Anthony Garcia but he shots Gordon instead. Once again, the Joker escapes. Later that day, Rachel goes to Wayne’s penthouse which was the safest place in the city while Batman meets with Dent and tells him that he will give himself in so that no more people will get killed. This is a decision that Dent does not accept. The next day, at a press conference where Bruce was also present, Harvey Dent states that he is actually the Batman.

Dent is arrested and plays the role of a bait to make Joker attack him so that Batman can capture him once and for all. While the prisoner was transfered, the joker comes into the scene willing to kill Dent. The plan works as it should and after a wild chase on the streets of Gotham, Batman manages to capture the Joker also with the help of Jim Gordon who pretended to be dead in order to keep his family save. Because it was quite obvious that Dent was not Batman, he is released and taken home by car by a police officer. The Joker is taken to Gordon’s cells, same cells where Lau was held. Gordon finds out that Harvey Dent never got home and he was kidnapped instead but the Joker does not want to cooperate. Jim leaves the villain with Batman in the interrogation room where the Caped Crusader beats the information out of him. The antagonist tells the hero that both Rachel and Harvey were kidnapped and were held in different places and he had to choose who to save. Batman goes after Rachel while Gordon goes after Dent. The Joker deceives them, creates an explosion at the cells and escapes with Lau. Meanwhile, Batman arrives were Rachel was supposed to be, but he finds Harvey instead. The buildings in which the two prisoners were held explode: Rachel dies in the explosion and Harvey is badly burnt.

The Joker recovers the money for the mafia but he changes his plan. Instead of ending his assignment given by the mafia, he decides to take over them and also to take over the city. He starts generating panic within Gotham. The villain threatens the citizens of the city: he tells them that if no one manages to kill Coleman Reese, a lawyer that said he knows the true identity of Batman, he will blow up a hospital. This generates a high level of stress and panic among the citizens and even among the policemen who had relatives checked in into the hospitals. Reese is not killed, hence Gotham General Hospital is blown up but not before it is evacuated. Before the explosion, Joker infiltrates the hospital where Harvey Dent was. Now, Harvey had half of his face burnt and Joker corrupts him, telling him that the ones who were actually guilty of Rachel’s death were his companions, Batman and Gordon. Furthermore, Dent takes the nickname of “Two Face” and goes on a vendetta against the ones that were responsible for Rachel’s death. Two Face kills Sal Maroni and the corrupt policemen that were working for him and takes Gordon’s family as hostages. Batman contacts Fox and asks him to use the new machine he crated, a machine that was spying on Gotham’s citizens through their mobile phones. Although Fox does not accept with this method, he accepts to aid Batman when he is told that this is the only way he can finally defeat the villain. Batman finds Joker and finally catches him after a fist fight. He leaves Joker in the hands of the police and goes after Gordon and Two Face. As soon as he arrives, Dent was claiming revenge by trying to kill Gordon’s son. Batman tells him that the one’s responsible, the ones who decided to act were Harvey, Gordon and Batman himself. After tossing a coin to decide Batman’s fate, Harvey shots Batman. Then he attempts to kill Jim’s son but Batman strikes Harvey down.

Batman saves Gordon and his family but as they watch Dent’s corpse, Gordon says that Gotham will lose hope when the people will find out that Dent became exactly what he was fighting against. Batman claims Dent’s actions in order to keep Harvey’s reputation intact and in order to keep stability in Gotham. The Dark Knight tells Gordon to hunt him down and he becomes an outcast. The movie ends with Batman running away from the Gotham City police.

After this movie, Batman reached the climax of his success, this movie being considered even better than Tim Burton‘s. What was regarded as outstanding was Heath Ledger‘s skills as an actor in Joker’s role. Tragically, Heath Ledger died after this movie and he was awarded an Oscar post-mortem for his performance. The next article on Batman will be a short presentation on the third part of the legend, The Dark Knight Rise which will be released in theatres at the end of July, this year.

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The Iron Man

Iron Man is another superhero but much younger than Batman. He is a Marvel hero created by Stan Lee, the creator of Marvel Comics. Anthony Stark is a billionaire and industrialist that specializes in weapons. During his kidnapping he suffers an injury for which he founds a remedy thanks to his genius. The kidnappers force him to build them a weapon of mass destruction but instead he creates an armored suit which saves his life. This is how Iron Man is born.

Through his company “Stark Industries”, Tony Stark creates a new suit, much more efficient which he uses as a peace tool. Even though he is very powerful, he has terrible foes as well such Whiplash or Obadiah Stane. He is not facing the threats alone though. Iron Man allies are The War Machine, The Black Widow and also his trusted assistant Pepper Pots.

Iron Man is a different type of hero because at first he has no hero features: Tony Stark is arrogant, ignorant and careless. What also makes him different is that the identity of Iron Man is not a secret for the rest of the world.

This character will be presented in much more detail soon…


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The God of Thunder

Like Captain America, Thor is also an Avenger. Although Thor was born on Earth, he was raised and lived most of his life in Asgard, a different world. His father Odin All-Father is the leader of Asgard and Thor’s mentor.

Thor grows up to be a great warrior and future leader of Asgard. This makes his step brother Loki, very angry. Loki was adopted by Odin after the war against the frost giants. Loki’s real father from Jotunheim, Laufey, was killed during the war. Over the years, Loki’s jealousy of Thor grew into hatred. Odin sends Thor in different quests to learn how to be a worthy successor. In order to learn humility, Odin sends Thor in Earth. With his memory wiped out, the hero becomes Donald Blake where he becomes a physician. Later on, Thor returns to his true identity and receives the hammer Mjolnir.

When Loki’s true origin is revealed, after betraying Odin and Thor, he is banished from Asgard. Loki gathered an incredible army to attack Earth, but was successfully stopped by the Avengers, including Thor.

What makes Thor so different is that like his equivalent from DC, Superman, Thor, the superhero is his real person. Like Superman, The God of Thunder is not native to Earth but his goal is to protect it. Loki has many appearances in comic books and also in the Hulk cartoons, usually trying to stop Hulk from his rampage. Also, Thor was brought into theatres by Paramount Pictures starring Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

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The Green Lantern

The Green Lantern is a superhero with a different duty: not only that he has to protect the Earth, but also he is responsible of the safety of the entire Universe. Although the source of his power is not human, that power is limited and controlled only by his own will.

Hal Jordan is the identity of the man behind the mask of the Green Lantern. At first he is a young pilot, very arrogant and with no sense of responsability. One of the greatest peacekeeper, Abin Sur, an alien who is part of the Green Lantern Corps, crashes on Earth, being badly wounded. There, he finds Hal, and passes to him his lantern and his ring, asking him to take his place within the Corps, then he dies. Hal makes the oath and becomes a Green Lantern. He travels far within space to the planet Oa, where he meets the rest of the Corps, including the leader of the Green Lanterns, Sinestro, friend and apprentice of Abin Sur. At first, Hal is regarded as young, reckless and they are certain that the ring made a mistake when it chose him. Jordan learns that the power of the ring was the power of will, harvested ages ago by the Guardians of the Universe. He also learns that Abin Sur was killed by Parallax, an old guardian who fell to the power of fear. Further on, Sinestro and a group of Lanterns charge against Parallax but they cannot match his power. Hal Jordan finds out that this threat was destroying worlds and Earth was one of his targets. The Guardians decide to let the Earth fall but Hal decides to act against Parallax on his own. Meanwhile, Sinestro starts harvesting the power of fear, willing to overcome fear through fear. After a struggle, Hal Jordan destroys Parallax by driving him into the Sun. Left without power, he is facing the same end as his enemy but he is saved on time by the rest of the Corps. 

Later on, Jordan earns the trust and respect of the rest of the Green Lantern Corps, including Sinestro. Even though the threat was eliminated, Sinestro, being blinded by power, changes his green ring with the yellow ring, the one that contained the harvested power of fear, becoming the greatest enemy of the Green Lanterns and Hal Jordan.

The power of the Green Lanterns is all the same: they can fly and can materialize anything that exists within their imagination. Their power is limited only by their will and here is where their abilities differ.

The Green Lantern also appears in the Warner Bros movie with the same name. The movie has as a leading actor Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan and Mark Strong as Sinestro.


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The First Avenger

In this article i will make a little time travel into the past, to present a hero which is pretty much the first superhero, Captain America. This hero, also called the Supersoldier, is the result of a technological advancement during World War II. In the beginning, his purpose is to help USA soldiers defeat the Nazi troops, but more important, to defeat Johann Schmidt, also known as Red Skull, who wants to conquer the world by using paranormal powers.

Captain’s America alter ego is Steven Rogers. Being a very big patriot, he wants to join the army in the fight against Nazi Germany but  he is rejected from enrolling the army because of his poor health. General Chester Phillips, admiring the boy’s passion and commitment for his country, decides to enroll Steven in a top-secret operation called Operation Rebirth. This is how Steven is introduced to Doctor Abraham Erskine, the creator of the Super-Soldier Serum. After weeks of experimentations, the boy is administrated the serum and after being exposed to special rays in order to accelerate the serum’s process, Steven Rogers is rebirth. Right after the experiment, a Nazi spy tries to sabotage the experiment and kills Dr. Erskine. Because the formula for the serum was known only by the doctor, Steven remains the only beneficiary of this serum. The new hero, now knows as Captain America, is send to Europe to stop the Red Skull. After a long struggle, the Super-Soldier manages to stop the villain, but in order to safe other soldiers, he choses to sacrifice himself by crashing an airplane into a glacier. Captain America’s body remains untouched but frozen, until the 21st century when he is collected and brought back by SHIELD, thanks to the technological improvement.

Captain America is considered by Marvel to be the first superhero and because he is a member of the Avengers, he is also considered to be The First Avenger. The Captain’s superpowers consists in increased speed and strenght; he is a symbol of freedom, unity and courage. Like most of the Marvel superheroes, Captain America works alone, even though during the war, his equipment is provided by Howard Stark, the father of Tony Stark, aka IronMan. Also, after being revived, he is fighting in the Avengers team with other well known superheroes such as Hulk and Thor.

Captain America also appears in the movie with the same name. Made by Paramount Pictures with Chris Evans as Captain America and Hugo Weaving as Red Skull, the movie did not have as much success as the other superhero movies, but my personal opinion is that the special effects were pretty convincing.

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