The Prince of Persia

The Prince of Persia is a different type of hero. Like the assassins from Assassin’s Creed, this one was developed by Ubisoft and it appears only in three video games: The Sands of time, Warrior Within and The Two Thrones. Since the story of this character is quite long, i will brief it in one article.

The Sands of Time:

Our character is the son of the ruler of the Persian Empire. The king and his son travel to India to defeat and take over the treasures of the Maharajah. The Maharajah is betrayed by his most trusted Vizier and the Persians are victorious. During the battle, the Prince,full of pride and with the desire of having glory, sneaks into the Maharaja’s vault and steals a mysterious dagger. In exchange for his help, the Vizier demands that the Maharaja’s most valuable treasure, an hourglass containing glowing sands, also known as the Sands of Time, should be given to him as well as the dagger, but the Persian emperor refuses, saying that this would be a wonderful gift for his friend, the ruler of Azad. Along with other treasures, the Persians also take as a prisoner the Maharajah’s daughter, Farah. Sharaman, the emperor of Persia travels to Azad to meet his friend, joined by the Vizier. The Persians have a wonderful welcome and when the Sands are being presented to the king, the Vizier tricks the Prince into opening the Hourglass with the dagger. The outcome is catastrophic: the Sands of Time are released and are destroying everything in their way, corrupting the ones that were having contact with it. Because of the dagger, the Prince stays uncorrupted; same thing happens to Farah since she had a magical amulet and the Vizier using his sorcery manages to remain untouched by the sands.

The Prince is forced to face a new army of sand creatures and is also forced to kill his corrupted father. He joins Farah into finding and stoping the traitorous Vizier who seeks to control the power of the Sands. After a struggle within the palace of Azad,in which the Prince learns how to be patient and how to be more wise and also develops feelings for the Maharajah’s daughter, the Prince and Farah reach the tower where the Vizier was holding the Hourglass. During the fight with the Vizier, Farah is killed. The Vizier promises the Prince eternal life and power in return of the Dagger of Time, but the Prince refuses, reaches the Hourglass and seals back the Sands, rewinding the time before the invasion of the Maharajah’s kingdom. Waking up in his camp, with one night before the Persian invasion, the Prince sneaks out of his camp and reaches Farah’s chambers. Still holding the dagger, the Prince gives Farah back the Dagger of Time and tells her the story of the Sands, revealing the Vizier as a traitor. The Vizier shows up again and attempts to kill the Prince but he is defeated once more. Farah gives the Prince her amulet as a thanks but she is unaware of who is he since the previous event never happened because of the time rewinding. The Prince leaves convincing his father not to attack the Maharajah.

Warrior Within:

The events from Warrior Within happen 8 years after the events from the Sands of Time. The Prince is haunted by a terrible beast called the Dahaka. Managing to escape him several times, the Prince goes to ask for advice from his old mentor. The old man tells him that the Dahaka is the incarnation of fate. Whosoever opens the Sands of Time must die and because the Prince escaped death, the Dahaka was haunting him in order to kill him. The Prince travels to the Island of Time, the birthplace of the Sands where he intends to stop the creation of the Sands. On his way there, at sea, he is attacked by a ship that was coming from the island. The battle proves to be a disaster: his ship destroyed and his crew killed by strange warriors that were led by Shahdee. Her orders were to keep the Prince off the island. Fortunately, the hero reaches the island and pursues Shahdee in order to get vengeance. He chases her through the ruins of an old fortress and reaches a portal that sends both of them back in time, in a time where the fortress was at its best. After further chasing, the Prince reaches a chamber where Shahdee was fighting another woman. The hero helps the other woman and kills Shahdee. The other woman presents herself as Kaileena, a servant of the Empress of Time. The Prince demands an audience with the Empress but Kaileena denies it to him, telling him that she is sealed within the throne room where she is creating the Sands. In order to unseal the chamber, the hero has to face the dangers of two towers which can unseal the throne room. The Dahaka finds the Prince on the Island and chases him still but only when the Prince travels back to the present. The Dahaka coult not follow him through the portals because the portals were protected by waterfalls and the Dahaka could not pass through water. Through the towers, the prince faces dangerous creatures and also encounters several times a creature that was not attacking him, only watching him. The hero unseals the  room and once he walks in, he finds out that Kaileena herself was the Empress. Kaileena tells the Prince that she saw within the Timeline that she will be killed by the Prince and like him, she would not accept her fate. The Prince kills the Empress and right after that, the Sands are born from within the Empress. Going back to the present, the Dahaka finds the hero once again. The Prince realizes that by killing Kaileena, he created the Sands.

The Prince is ready to accept his fate, until he reads a message on a mural in the catacombs of the Fortress of Time. The writings on the mural were made by the Maharajah who like the Prince, managed to escape his own fate by using the Mask of the Wraith. Once he reaches the caves where the Mask was held, the Prince puts on the Mask and becomes the Sand Wraith, the same creature that the Prince saw earlier within the fortress. The Mask was an object that was offering its wearer the power to cheat fate. Moving through time again, the Wraith encounters the Dahaka and himself as the Prince and allows Dahaka to kill the Prince. In this way, the Prince as the Wraith took the Prince’s place in the Timeline and he could remove the mask. Once again, the Prince walks into the throne room where he meets the Empress. The Prince tricks her into following him through a portal to the present. Telling her that now there are no Sands because she did not die in the past, they are both free but he was wrong. Now, the Empress was alive and the Dahaka comes to kill her instead. Being in the possession of the Water Sword, the Prince fights Dahaka and after a difficult battle, the Prince destroys the Dahaka. Together, the Prince and Kaileena travel back to Babylon.

The Two Thrones:

Right after the struggle on the Island of Time and the fight with the Dahaka, the Prince and  Kaileena reach the city of Babylon which was under siege. Kaileena is captured by the rival forces and the Prince fights his way through Babylon to get her back. Once he reaches a tower of the palace, there he meets the evil Vizier once more. The Vizier tells the Prince about his journey with the Maharajah to the Island of Time, where they found ruins, and empty hourglass and a mysterious dagger. The Vizier saw the opportunity of gaining power and as the dagger “told” him, he traveled to Babylon, knowing that the Empress will be there. The Vizier kills Kaileena and takes her power, becoming the controller of the Sands of Time. While the Sands were released, the Vizier’s generals and also the Prince were infected by the Sands. The Sands changed the Prince by waking up within him another self that was fed by all of his weaknesses. In moments of struggle, the Prince would become the Dark Prince which had great power and was very lethal with his Daggertail. The great weakness of the Dark Prince was that he had to feed on Sands of Time constantly otherwise they would both die. Moreover, the Prince would become himself again once he would touch water.

The Prince fights his way through Babylon in order to get back to the Vizier and kill him. On his way, he meets Farah once more and they become allies. Together, they fight the Vizier’s lieutenants and free the people of Babylon. They reach the castle where Farah is taken a prisoner by the Vizier who was now a god. The Prince is thrown away into the dungeons of the castle where he finds his father dead. Angry and frustrated, the Prince manages to hold his evil self, the Dark Prince, without water and he goes back to destroy the evil god and free Farah. On the top tower of the castle, the Prince defeats the Vizier and by doing so, his entire army is vanished. Kaileena appears to the Prince in a different form setting him free and destroying the dagger.

The Prince of Persia is a very good vide game, very interactive. Although there are no comic books or cartoons with this hero, the Prince appears in the movie Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time in 2012 starring Jake Gyllenhaal. The movie also consists in Ben Kingsley, Alfred Molina and Gemma Arterton.





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Assassin’s Creed Revelations

Last time we met with Desmond Miles and his adventure of finding the secrets of his ancestors was in Rome, when he kills Lucy against his will and where he falls into a state of coma. In this episode, Desmond will be entering once more in the memories of Ezio Auditore.

After Lucy’s death, Desmond is taken by his fellow assassins to New York where they meet Desmond’s father, William. With the help of William, Desmond is placed again into the Animus, hoping that he will wake up. Desmond is placed in the safe mode of the Animus, a place called Black Room. There, Desmond meets Subject 16, a former assassin that like Desmond, was a subject for Abstergo‘s research and because he used the Animus for too long, he became insane and remained stuck into the Animus. There, Subject 16 tells Desmond that in order for him to get back, he needs to find a key memory that will synchronize him with both Ezio and Altair, his ancestors.

Desmond enters Ezio’s memories once more. This time, we meet a different Ezio, older and much wiser. 30 years after the death of his father and brothers and after the defeat of the Borgias, Ezio travels to the Middle East to find out the secrets and knowledge that Altair left behind and to find the true purpose of the Assassin Order. The italian reaches Masyaf castle, the place where the Order was rebirth and where Altair hid all of his secrets only to find out that the place was overrun by templars that were also trying to find the secrets. Being overrun, Ezio is captured by the templars but manages to escape when they were trying to hang him. Fighting his way through the castle, Ezio finds Altair’s vault beneath Masyaf but the entrance was sealed and the keys required to open it were nowhere to be found. The assassin learns that 5 disc-like keys are supposed to open the vault and that those keys were hidden in Constantinople. Ezio travels to the capital of the Turkish Empire where he meets Yusuf Tazim, a turkish assassin, leader of the assassin clan in Constantinople. Also, he meets a young student called Suleiman and they become friends. Learning more and more about the city, he also finds out that the keys were hidden here by Niccolo Polo. In this city, Ezio meets Sofia Sartor, an italian traveler that helps Ezio in finding the keys of Masyaf. Ezio falls in love with her but keeps his feelings secret from her. 

Constantinople was a battlefield between Prince Ahmet and his brother Selim who were fighting for the title of Sultan. Suleiman reveals to Ezio that he is an ottoman prince and he believes that the templars are behind this war. After many fights against the templars, Ezio recovers most of the keys. These keys are synchronizing Desmond with memories of Altair. The first memory of the syrian assassin is right after he kills Al Mualim and he retrieves the Apple of Eden. Altair takes the Apple and Al Mualim’s corpse and burns it in order to make sure that the mentor was dead. He is called a heretic and a defiler by the other assassins and Abbas, Altair’s companion, takes the Apple from him but loses his mind when he tries to control it. Altair takes the mantle of Mentor of the Assassin Order. He is forced to leave Masyaf several times in order to stop the Mongol attacks and during his absence, Abbas takes the leadership of the assassins. Abbas, jealous of Altair, betrays him when he refuses to send more troops in order to aid him in the battle against the Mongols and this results in the death of his youngest son. Altair and his wife Maria, encounter Abbas to demand an explanation. Abbas asks for the Apple in exchange for answers and during the exchange, Maria is stabbed by another assassin and Altair is forced to leave with the Apple and his older son Darim. The two syrians go in an exile for 20 years. During this period of time, the Order suffers of corruption under Abbas’ leadership. After 20 years, Altair returns to Masyaf where he kills Abbas and takes the title of Mentor over the Order.

Back in Constantinople, Ezio finds that the leader of the templars was actually Prince Ahmet and he was the one behind the operations of retrieving the secrets of Masyaf. After killing Emanuel Palaiologos, a templar knight, Ezio recovers the last key of Altair’s library. Ahmet kills Yusuf and kidnappes Sofia and will only release her in exchange for the keys. Ezio gives him the keys and saves Sofia. After a struggle, Ezio recovers the keys from Ahmet but before he can kill him, Selim arrives with his army and executes Ahmet. Because of his friendship with Suleiman, Selim orders Ezio to leave the city and never return. Furthermore, Ezio and Sofia travel togehter to Masyaf to open Altair’s Library. On their way, Ezio explains to Sofia about the creed of the assassins, that “Nothing is true, everything is permitted“. He explains that this is not a doctrine, it is merely an observation  of the world. To say that nothing is true means that the foundations of society are fragile and we must be the shepherd of our own civilization; to say that everything is permitted means that we should live with our choices, wether glorious or tragic. Sofia also asks Ezio if he regrets choosing this life; Ezio answers by saying that this life chose him and that for the last 30 years he fought for the memory of his loved ones but that this was the time for him to live for himself. Ezio walks alone in the library; there he finds no books, no wisdom, just the corpse of Altair himself. Once again, the memories of Desmond, Ezio and Altair synchronize. In this memory, and old Altair gives instructions to his son Darim. Darim is confused that his father build a library in which he will not keep his books but he realizes that this place was actually a vault in which Altair was hiding the Apple. Altair tells Darim to take some keys to Alexandria and tell Niccolo Pollo to take some keys to Constantinople. Moreover, the assassin tells his son that if he is asked, he must tell that he send the Apple away or that he dropped it into the sea, he tells him to say everything to keep the people away from Masyaf (the assassins were leaving Masyaf because the Mongols were too strong for them). After these instructions, Altair sends Darim to go and live with his family. Inside the vault, Altair remembers of voices from the past, discussions with Maria about the images the Apple was showing him, about the ones who came before. After hiding the apple into a safe, Altair takes a seat in the middle of the chamber, the same seat where Ezio finds his corpse. Ezio opens the safe, but does not take the Apple, stating that this is the safe place for this artifact and that he has seen too much for one life. Right after this, the Apple activates, and Ezio hears Desmond’s name again. Stripping off of his weapons, Ezio says that it is clear to him that he is only a messenger in this fight and that he does not know how Desmond is listening or watching him but he hopes that Desmond will be the one to find an answer for their suffering. 

After this synchronization, Desmond is approached by Jupiter, a being that was part of the ones who came before, same as Minerva and Juno. Jupiter tells Desmond that the First Civilization has created numerous vaults around the world where they were collecting data in order to save the world from destruction. All the data was gathered to a central vault where the data was tested but no results were gained. They failed in protecting the world from a solar flare and so most of his people died. After the destruction, 10,000 of Desmond’s kind were still living and far less of Jupiter’s but the world was rebuild by them together. Jupiter warns Desmond that the world was in danger of a second solar flare and that he must find a way to save the world this time; moreover, Jupiter shows him the location of the central vault. After the final vision, Desmond finally wakes up from his coma and states that he knows what the assassins need to do. The game ends leaving the audience in a confused state and also believing that the next game will present the ending of this story.



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The X-Men

Like DC, Marvel also has a comic book in which they present a team of superheroes, but the only different thing is that these are not called superheroes, they are called mutants instead. The team I’m talking about is the X-Men, a team of mutants brought together in order to save humanity from the evil mutants.

Professor Charles Xavier, also known as Professor X, is a mutant with telepathy powers, very skilled and decided to bring normal people together with mutants. He has a school where he trains young mutants in controlling their power and using it to do good. The X-Men consists in very powerful mutants that have different motivations and powers. Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, is the leader of the field team and his power is shooting a powerful red laser that can be very destructive. The second in the team is his wife, Jean Grey, whose powers are also telepathy and are even greater than the one Xavier has, but hers is much more difficult to control. Moreover, Wolverine or Logan, is a temperamental and violent mutant that can regenerate and heal instantly (I presented him in a previous article). Also Anne Marie or Rogue, is a young mutant girl that through physical contact can copy the powers of others and can even kill people if the contact takes longer. She can also copy the personality, memories and feelings of those she touches. Hank McCOy is one of the founding members of this team; his power and also his appearance are similar to a beast; his fur is blue and has great agility and physical power. I almost forgot about Ororo Munroe, aka Storm; Storm’s powers are manipulating the weather and the phenomenon of nature such as rain and lightning. These are some of the members of X-Men and i can’t just mention all of them since the entire school of Xavier are members of the X-Men even though most of them do not fight. There are also mutants such as Shadowcat, Pyro, Nightcrawler or Iceman.

The X-Men’s archenemy is Erik Lensherr also known as Magneto. He used to be Professor’s X friend and ally but he turns against him eventually. Also, the Sentinels represent a huge threat because their only purpose is to destroy every living mutant. The Sentinels are huge robots, very difficult to destroy. The most dangerous of all is Nimrod, that cannot be destroyed. There is also Sinister that is trying to take over the world and probably most dangerous of all is Apocalypse, an ancient being that is immortal and looks to purify and dominate the world. The team also has different allies such as Bishop or Cable and sometimes even Magneto.

The X-Men are very well known because like Spiderman, they appear in comic books, video games, movies and cartoons. There are several movies which present different stages in the life of mutants and their struggle against the evil ones. There are three parts that show the X-Men team fighting and two parts that show the origins of the team such as X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men First Class.

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The Watchmen is an old comic book published under DC. This comic book presents a team of superheroes in a different world, almost the same as our world. Their time is in the 1980s. These superheroes have impact on the events from the real world such as the war in Vietnam. The team consists in Doctor Manhattan, The Comedian, Rorschach, Silk Spectre, Ozymandias and Nite Owl

The only member that has superpowers is Dr. Manhattan who can manipulate matter. The rest of them are normal beings in suits with good fighting skills. Watchmen are not a very popular team of superheroes. There are few publications of this comic book and only one movie created in 2009. The enemies of the Watchmen are the criminals of their city and also the Soviet Union but this is mainly USAs and Manhattan’s enemy. In the movie, the team is broken, every member has follow a normal path except for Rorschach who is still fighting crime and trying to solve the mystery when the Comedian is killed. Ozymandias becomes a billionaire that is working with Manhattan trying to protect USA from a possible nuclear attack. Secretly, Ozymandias is using the power of Dr. Manhattan to destroy humanity in order to stop the wars. In the end, Manhattan stops Ozymandias but he also kills Rorschach when he is trying to expose them. Even though Manhattan comes as the same conclusion as his comrade, the billionaire, he choses to leave the Earth in order to find another world which is much peaceful.

Unlike other DC heroes, Watchmen was made by Legendary Pictures. The movie came up on the screen in 2009 but it didn’t have much success. The movie presents the heroes from the comic book and some of them are played by well known actors such as Carla Gugino, Patrick Wilson and Jackie Earle Haley.





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The Amazing Spiderman

Spiderman is a very famous superhero in the Marvel world. His notoriety was given by his appearances in comic books, video games, movies and cartoons as well. Like the rest of the other Marvel superhero, Spiderman was created by Stan Lee.

Peter Parker is a young and promising student that is specializing in genetics at his University. He lives and was raised by his uncle and aunt because from an early age he becomes an orphan. Once, in a school trip at a science center, Peter is bitten by a radioactive spider and so he develops the abilities of a spider such as wall crawling, agility and web shooting. At first, he uses his powers to win money in organized fights to help his poor family. One evening the organizer refuses to pay him and in return, Peter refuses to stop a thief that was stealing from the organizer. When Peter walks outside to meet his uncle, he finds him shot in the street by the thief he refused to stop. Full of anger and sorrow, Peter learns that “with great power comes great responsibility” and decides to use his power in order to do good.

Peter lives in Queens with his aunt May. He is in love with his neighbor, Mary Jane Watson, but they never really date. Moreover, Peter’s best friend is Harry Osborn, son of Norman Osborn, a rich industrialist, owner of Oscorp. A great enemy of both Spiderman and Osborn Sr. is Wilson Fisk, a very rich businessman and philanthropist that secretly is the leader of organized crime on the East Coast, also known as Kingpin. There are other significant villains such as Otto Octavius, aka The Octopus, Shocker and also Venom and Carnage. Sometimes, Spiderman is in difficulty when friends of his become villains such as Dr. Conners when he becomes a mutated lizard after running an experiment on himself and also Harry when he becomes the Green Goblin in order to take revenge for his father’s death.

Spiderman is not really seen as a hero in his city. On the contrary, some people, such as J Jonah Jameson, the boss of Daily Bugle newspaper, regard him as the real villain of the city and tries to expose him. Unlike the citizens, the other heroes actually admire Spiderman and often work with him. Spiderman works from time to time with heroes such as Captain America, Ironman and the X-men

Spiderman appears 4 movies so far. The first three movie have Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker and the forth is a remake that has nothing to do with the story from the previous three. In the first three parts also star Willem Dafoe, James Franco and Kirsten Dunst.  The 4th will have different actors and a different plot.


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Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

Brotherhood is the 3rd Assassin’s Creed video game and the 2nd one that involves Ezio’s life as an assassin. Unlike the 2nd game, this one begins exactly where the 2nd ended. Ezio Auditore da Firenze, a young assassin is in an ancient vault beneath Vatican and he is confused after hearing Minerva‘s message. Right after the message ends, Mario Auditore, Ezio’s uncle, walks into the chamber and tells Ezio that they need to get away before the guards catch them. The two assassins manage to escape and together they return to their home in Monteriggioni with the Apple of Eden. Ezio is now relieved and glad that he touched his goal and he is ready to leave his life as an assassin behind. Back in Monteriggioni he meets once again with Caterina Sforza.

The next day, a surprise attack is launched against Monteriggioni. Apparently, the attack was led by Cesare Borgia, Rodrigo‘s son. The assassin’s cannot stand the Templar’s force and Monteriggioni falls; Mario Auditore is killed by Cesare, the Apple is taken by him and Ezio is shot in his shoulder. Luckily, Ezio and the rest of his family escape to Rome, the main city of the Templar Order and the place where they were exercising their power. In Rome, Ezio meets with Niccolo Machiavelli. who reproaches Ezio for letting Rodrigo alive. While walking in Rome, they see what the corruption of the Templar was doing to the city and that the Assassin’s Order was decaying and loosing power. Ezio encouraged Niccolo and starts rebuilding the Brotherhood.

For the next 4 years, Ezio is rebuilding the Order; he recruits new and young assassins and he is trying to break the Templars by killing key members of their order and tries to restore Rome to its former glory. Because they were losing ground, Cesare asks his father for more money, power and eventually the Apple itself. Rodrigo notices his son’s thirst for power and attempts to poison him but he is killed by Cesare instead. Witnessing the whole scene and learning about the whereabouts of the Apple, Ezio finds the artifact inside St Peter Basilica. Ezio uses the Apple to stop Cesare’s influence. Eventually, the Templar leader is arrested by the forces of the new Pope. Cesare escapes the prison and runs in Spain. While he is sieging a city, Ezio finds him on the battlefield and throws him down from a wall, leaving him to die. Ezio takes the Apple and hides it in an another temple underneath Santa Maria in Aracoeli.

Using the coordinated from Ezio’s memories, Desmond, Lucy and the other assassin go to find the Apple. Inside the temple, the Image of Juno appears but she is visible and audible only to Desmond; she looked like she was part of the same civilization that Minerva was part of. Juno is saying that humans are ignorant and innocent and they were not build to be wise and that they were given only the basics senses. She also stated “We should have left you as you are!”. As soon as Desmond touches the Apple, the time freezes around him but he can still move or speak. Juno tells Desmond that he is a descendant from her race and their enemy and that a woman should accompany him through “the gate” but the woman is not there. She takes control over Desmond’s body and makes him stab Lucy, killing her. The game ends with Desmond falling into a coma. Right after, his companions take him back to their base and put him back into the Animus.

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The Spirit

The Spirit is a DC comic book written by Will Eisner in te 1940s. The spirit is a masked vigilante who protects his city from criminals and villains under the blessing of the city’s police commissioner.

Denny Colt was a police officer that died while doing his duty. His corpse was used by his worst enemy, The Octopus, for his experiments in order to create a super human. The experiment proves to be a failure and Denny is buried as he should, only to resurrect. When he came back to life he was a different man, much more powerful and agile. He chose to adopt the identity of The Spirit and fight crime and get his revenge of Octopus. He is working along with the police against criminals and he is admired by them. The only person that knows his identity is the police commissioner Dolan. Moreover, Spirit has a crush on his daughter, Ellen, who is a forensic detective and a good doctor. Dolan does not approve with this but can’t really has a saying in the matter since the former Denny used to have a relationship with Ellen. Ellen does not know that Spirit is Denny though. Another important character is Sand Saref, Spirit’s old love from his childhood, that leaves the city angry and frustrated when her father, a policeman, is killed while doing his duty. Stating that she hates cops, she flees the city in order to become rich and successful. She becomes a villain that marries rich men only to take their money after she kills them. She is drawn back to her hometown only to obtain a precious and very valuable artifact.

The Spirit’s superpowers consists in great physical strength and the ability to heal or resurrect. Same powers are owned by his nemesis, the Octopus, and this is why their fight lasts sometimes forever, until one of them gets tired and walks away. Furthermore, Spirit has a great sex appeal and is desired by every woman in the city and viceversa.

The movie came out in 2008 and it was directed by Frank Miller. Starring Gabriel Macht as The Spirit, the movie features other well known actors as well such as Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L Jackson as the Octopus.





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